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The Jakarta-native singer-songwriter Natasha Kurnia, better known as Navakaine, started her songwriting journey at 14 years old, with nothing but a pen, paper, and an old piano in her living room. She began writing about the movies she watched or the video games she played, but it wasn't until a year later, when she moved to Seattle, that she began writing about her newfound life in the United States. Her first relationship, and its consequent end, became the potent fuel for her songwriting. After making the move to New York City as a college freshman, she started crafting away. Her experiences as a late teenager trying to get over a breakup in arguably the most intense and euphoric city in the whole world shaped her debut album, Aftersummer.

As a result, Aftersummer was a sonic landscape, where its skyline is shaped like New York's, and the characters that live in it are pretty, heartbroken, and larger than life. 

Though Aftersummer was technically finished in the Fall of 2018, the album was never properly readied for a release, and Navakaine went on hiatus instead. In 2019, she experienced a personal tragedy that pushed her to find a home in Europe. In July 2020, she threw caution to the wind and finally released the unpolished Aftersummer worldwide, with zero marketing. The titular track off the album succeeded on entering the Fresh Finds Indonesia playlist on #3 on Spotify. 

For the past year, Navakaine has been quietly creating her next chapter with the help of her boyfriend (producer and songwriter Emil Carlsson) in her newfound home in Stockholm, Sweden. Her upcoming sophomore album, Woman in Fear, is about losing one’s dream and the aftermath of that tragedy.




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